BE BACK IN 2016!On 10th year anniversary of Torture Garden having since visited Manchester we felt it was time for the worlds leading fetish club to make a welcomed return to Britains second capital. Undoubtedly Manchester has seen a lot of change within the past ten years with the then diverse community of the Northern Quarter dissipated as a result of rising living costs and the commercialisation of Manchesters centre. However although disspated the strands are still visible and the hybridity that has come to form the contemporary fetish club is capable of providing a communal space for all these fractured pockets of culture to meet and again forge a community through music, fashion and play. Although our events are a touring TG this does not mean that productions suffer seeing the calibre of performance, music and crowd that has become synonymous with Torture Garden. Our previous productions in 2014 and 2015 saw performances by Empress Stah, Chrisalys, Yusura and Vivid Angel. Music was provided by club founder David TG and Allen TG with guest appearances by Lydia Darling, Dee Itsy and Manchesters own Imperatrixx. Dungeon and play space was by PlayPenz.

Frankie Knuckles is proud to be Manchester partner to the club and will continue to work closely with London to strenghen the scene within Manchester.

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